With skilled engineers in the heart of the production system, the Hofu Plant in Yamaguchi Prefecture is equipped with a laboratory for pursuing textiles and high polymer compound chemistry, efficient production lines, and industry-first, cutting-edge quality inspection facilities. A broad range of high-precision and high-quality items produced here are highly rated by customers in Japan and overseas.
By establishing a customer-oriented development and supply system designed to quickly meet customer needs and delicate manufacturing control in the individual manufacturing processes, we can flexibly meet a wide range of technical requests. We respond to various requests, regardless of the lot sizes and lead times, as part of a comprehensive effort to deliver world-class customer satisfaction.
Skilled engineers have been engaged in the development of new samples based on customer requests and the study of undeveloped technologies at Hofu Plant laboratory, where R & D environment is prepared for the latest high polymer compound chemistry. The new possibilities of fine leather pursued by FILWEL are born here.
As for polishing pads, FILWEL Hofu Plant controls all production stages from non-woven substrate, resin impregnation, NAP layer forming, double-sided adhesive tape pasting, and designated size cutting to optional processing such as grooving and slurry hole cutting.
The advanced total manufacturing system is designed to meet every customer need.
In 1997, the FILWEL Hofu Plant was the first factory in the industry to establish an in-house polishing evaluation system.
All products manufactured in the Hofu Plant are delivered to customers after passing through a strict quality-inspection process.
From the global environmental protection point of view, there is a strong need for proactive environmental activities at production bases such as factories. The FILWEL Hofu Plant strongly promotes comprehensive environmental safeguard activities such as utilization of recycled resources and thorough energy-saving activities at all facilities, as well as safety control of the chemical solvents used.
Embracing the idea of cooperative environmental awareness, close attention is paid to the surrounding area and a continuing effort is made to identify ways to further preserve the global environment.
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