FILWEL contributes to the creation of an affluent society
through the pursuit of new value for fine leather products
such as the polishing pads used for the finishing of high-tech products
and artificial leathers such as those used to produce shoes and bags.

Corporate information
Bellatrix Precision polishing pads used in the final finishing of high-tech manufacturing processes Responding to various processing requests, we support our customers' desire to obtain ultra-precision finishing accuracy.

[Non-woven type] [Suede type]
Optional Processing
Designated cutting sizes, Grooving, Slurry holes available upon requests.

Bellace Various types of
artificial leather products with natural texture and beauty as well as high functionality.

[Belluria] Lining material for women's shoes
[Air Cool] Excellent air permeability
[Selsione] Using micro fibers
[Patora] Texture filled with dignified nuance
[Belesa] Lining for handbags and cases

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