Bellace, an artificial leather product developed based on textile and high polymer technology, now enjoys expanded demand as a new compound material with high functionality and natural texture and beauty.
As an artificial material, Bellace is also expected to be an ideal solution to meet the worldwide demand for the preservation of nature.
FILWEL is proactively developing artificial leathers to meet the needs of today and searching for new possibilities for tomorrow.
Belluria, a thinner version of Bellace, is soft to the touch, drapes extremely well, and has many possibilities of expression based on its special surface finish. Cutting, skiving, an d gluing are also easy. Belluria enjoys a dominant share of the market for women's shoe linings.
  Functional artificial leather for upper material with high breathability and permeability based on silk protein compound.  

An interweave of ultra micro fibers provides the highest softness. The buffed suede type with its feel of natural leather is extraordinarily popular.

A special polyurethane resin is used as a binder for non-woven substrates. The result is a classy-looking leather that appears more solid and formal than its polyurethane-based competitors. Its personality and power make it popular for belts, watch bands, and

Like Patora, this special polyurethane resin is used as a binder for non-woven substrates. But Belesa is thinner and lighter, which has made it a popular lining material for handbags and cases.
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