Electronics and other types of precision equipment are becoming increasingly high tech. Important processes during the manufacture of such products include ultra-precision polishing of silicon wafers, hard disk substrates, and liquid crystal glass. FILWEL's high-quality Bellatrix artificial leather polishing pad is an essential element in the final finishing stage of this important process. Trusted throughout the industry for its exceptional performance and stable quality, Bellatrix is in use in many precision polishing sites which impose the most stringent polishing requirements.
Bellatrix (plain type)
Bellatrix polishing pads are developed for various polishing applications such as silicon wafers, semiconductor material, hard memory disks, and precision glasses. Abundant product line-ups applicable for various polishing conditions ensure that customers achieve their high-precision surface finishing tasks as required.
Bellatrix (process type)
FILWEL has all manufacturing processes at its own plant from the first stage of non-woven substrate to the very final stages of PSA processing and size cutting.
All processes are delicately controlled to meet customers' technical requirements reliably and flexibly.
Hard-type polishing pads for stock removal applications made of a polyurethane-resin-impregnated non-woven substrate based on a special polyester fiber technology which provides excellent polishing precision and life performance. Various types are available to meet the various polishing conditions and performance standards customers required.
Softer non-woven substrate.
A better surface finish can be achieved under lower-pressure conditions.
Medium-hard non-woven substrate with special hardening treatment.
Better for medium-pressure conditions. Higher removal rate, longer life, and better flatness can be achieved. A standard stock-removal pad widely used throughout the industry.
Harder non-woven substrate with a special hardening treatment.
Better for medium- to higher-pressure conditions.
High level of flatness, surface finish, and pad life can be achieved.
A nap layer is formed on the polyurethane-impregnated non-woven substrate or PET sheet. A high level of surface finishing can be achieved. Various types are available to meet the polishing conditions and standards of performance customers require.
A softer nap layer is formed on a softer non-woven substrate.
A high level of surface finish can be achieved through combined use with the fine-particle slurry.

A medium-hard nap layer is formed on medium-hard non-woven substrates.
Better for low- to medium-pressure conditions.
Standard final polishing pad with high resistance to acid and alkali.
PET-based suede type is available as well.
Designated cutting sizes available upon requests.
Cutting shapes
Various types of shapes such as circles, squares, and ID cuts are flexibly provided.
Adhesive tapes (PSA)
All the pads can be supplied with various types of adhesive tapes.
(Toyo Chem, Sumitomo 3M, Sekisui Chemical)
Various types of grooving are available upon request
Slurry holes can be cut upon requests
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